This page contains a brief explanation of how the source code is structured in case you want to play with it. It is aimed not to potential users but rather to potential developers.

There are so far two branches in the global repository: master and experimental. It is possible that more branches be added in the future when and if the project grows. The master branch contains the code that we consider bug-free (or at least close) and future releases will mostly be built from this branch. The experimental branch is where all new features are being tested. It will always be buggy, and we will be merging to master as some features become close to stable.

Developers who want to fork are welcome to do so. We will always be willing to pull your contributions, at least into the experimental branch, and merge it into master as soon as we can verify that they work, just for the sake of organization. All contributions are thanked, even incomplete features that may at least give us new ideas.

Current state: master

The master branch contains only the DSL for the grammars and the LR parser builder, with two examples.

Current state: experimental

I have merged into the experimental branch another project I was working on some time ago, that supports regular expressions with automatons and such. However, this project is in a very very alpha state, so this branch is currently pretty broken. We will be posting in the page the most important to-do items.

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